Heavenly Angel Baby Shower Ideas

An Angel baby shower is a great theme for a boy or a girl. So if you're not sure of the sex of the baby, this would be a delightful baby shower theme.

Angel Baby Shower Invitations

Purchase cute blank baby angel cards. You could also buy cards with a baby on the front and glue angel wings on them. Write all your information inside. Include...
  • The name of the host
  • Time
  • Date
  • Location of shower
  • RSVP
  • Phone #
  • Theme of shower
  • Where Mommy-to-be is registered
  • Let everyone know if anything special is required or if they need to bring anything.

Angel Baby Shower Centerpieces and Decorations

Your colors for this shower are going to be mostly white and silver. If it's a boy, add touches of blue. If it's a girl, add touches of pink. Or if you don't know, use lavender. The tablecloths should be all white.
Here's a guide for the plates and cups.
  • For a little baby boy use Light Blue Partyware
  • For a little baby girl use Light Pink Partyware.
  • If you're not sure of the sex, Lavender is a great choice.
Actually I like the lavender the best. You can use it even if you know the sex of the baby.
For your baby shower centerpiece, purchase white satin fabric. You can get it really cheap at Wal-Mart. Crumple it in the middle of the tables. Buy good sized plastic dolls. Attach angel wings on the backs with ribbon. Use Christmas garland and make halos. Secure with tape or a tiny bit of hot glue.
Make a white balloon bouquet and tie to a weight. Hide the weight in the folds of the fabric. Sprinkle cotton balls all around the baby.
Clean out baby food jars and stick an angel sticker on the front. Wrap a tiny ribbon around the top and place a votive candle inside. Set the candles in and around your fabric. These can be given as favors or prizes.
Set a white pillar next to the angel. Add some sparkle with silver baby confetti. Sprinkle fragrant fresh White Rose Petals on the table as well.
For the rest of the room, create a "heavenly" feel with draped fabric, twinkle lights, pillars, clouds, and candle light. The clouds can be made with balloons and fishing wire. Tie fishing wire to a cluster of balloons. Bring the wire all together and tie to a weight. Let the balloons float mid-air. Have some balloons on the ceiling. Blow some balloons up with just air so they stay on the floor.

Angel Baby Shower Games and Activities

Angelic Baby Advice
Purchase index cards. Place cute little angel stickers on them. Have everyone in the room write their baby advice on a card. Place in a pretty little box and present to the Mother.
Angel Tray of Goodies
Before the shower, prepare a tray of baby goodies. Keep to your theme of white and silver. Some ideas might include, a silver baby brush set, a silver rattle, cotton balls, white diapers, white powder container, baby socks, white and silver bottles of baby care products, white binky, white bottle, white bibs, ect. Give each guest a piece of paper. At the beginning of the shower, take the tray around for everyone to see. Take the tray away and see who can write the most items down. The one who can remember the most WINS!
White Baby Food Test
Purchase white baby foods or make your own in a food processor. Place in baby food jars or cover the label if you purchased them. Number the jars. Let the guests taste each one and then write on a piece of paper what it is. The most right answers gets the prize.
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Angel Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Bake a two layered white cake. Frost with white frosting and coconut. Put a cloud of whipped cream on top and set a baby angel figurine in the middle of the cloud.
Two other easy cake ideas are, angel food cake and white cupcakes with white roses on top.

Angel Baby Shower Food and Drink Ideas

All the food should be displayed on pretty plates and pedestal cake plates. Layer the satin fabric on the table and nestle in your plates. Make sure you have different heights of cake plates. You can also stack them for more height.
Here are some angelic choices for food and drinks.
  • Angel cookies
  • Fruit dipped in white chocolate
  • Pretzels dipped in white chocolate
  • Heavenly ham sandwiches
  • Coconut macaroons
  • Angelic sparkle (white grape juice and sparkling mineral water)
  • White cheese and cracker tray
  • Sugared green grapes( wet and dip in sugar)
  • White iced tea

Angel Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Purchase little angel baby gift bags. Fill with angel goodies. Some great ideas would include, angel pin, angel notepad, angel frame, angel stickers, angel pen, angel lip gloss, angel candle, ect. Tie a pretty ribbon that matches your theme (blue, pink, or lavender) on the handle.
You could also cover an angel candle with white tulle and tie with ribbon. Add a little silver angel charm to the bow as well.

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